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There are lots of "behind the scenes" photographs taken in the Yorkshire TV studios - on page 6

Goathland station was the setting for Hogsmead station in the first Harry Potter movie, but the village is better known as Aidensfield,
in the Yorkshire TV series, Heartbeat. On 26th November,1991, Heartbeat began filming in Goathland, and became a TV success,
since it first appeared on our screens on the 10th April 1992, with "Changing Places" - the first of a trial series of 10 episodes. The
Heartbeat TV series drew a regular audience of around 14 million viewers each week and had a fixed family slot each Sunday
evening in the UK, and has won several TV awards. Heartbeat is not just popular here in the UK, but it also has a huge following
in many other countries such as Australia, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, China, Cyprus, Greece, and most of
Europe. It is shown in Kenya, India, Hong Kong, Israel, South Africa, the Caribbean ..... the list goes on. It has recently become very
popular in Iran, where the muslim leaders have praised it as "true family entertainment!". It is even shown on the small Pacific Island of
Vanuatu. In the whole of Heartbeat's 17 years, there have only been a few buildings in the village that have been used as "regulars".
They are the Post office, Aidensfield Stores, the Goathland Hotel (Aidensfield Arms), Mostyn's Garage, (now Scripps), Greengrass's
farm, and Glendale House (Dr.Ferrenby's surgery). The Final episode "Sweet Sorrow" was shown on 12th September, 2010. That episode
was number 373. For the entire 17 years, Heartbeat was in ITV's top 5 performing shows.


In the first three series, Glendale House featured as Dr. Ferenby's surgery, where Dr.Kate Rowan, (Niamh Cussack) wife of PC Nick Rowan,
(Nick Berry) worked until Dr.Ferrenby drowned on a fishing trip. Kate Rowan herself, sadly, died of leukaemia in the 5th series. Bill Maynard,
who played the part of Claude Greengrass, unfortunately suffered a real life heart attack, and had to leave the programme. He has since
appeared in a spin off series, called "The Royal" - a 60s hospital drama set in Scarborough, but using some of the Heartbeat actors, and a
lot of the scenery from around Goathland.

The first three blocks of photographs on this page are from the first three series of Heartbeat, starting in April 1992, when Glendale House
featured as Doctor Ferrenby's house. Glendale House can be seen in most of the photos. A lot of them are scanned from old 35mm photos,
and home video, but all the photos from page 2 onwards are digital - and better quality.

Episode 1 "Changing Places", starring Nick Berry and Niamh Cusack, was aired on 10th April 1992


Series One (1992)

Dr. Kate Rowan and PC Nick Rowan Nick and Kate Rowan Dr. Ferrenby's surgery (Glendale House) Kate Rowan (Niamh Cusack) Dr. Kate Rowan
Dr. Kate Rowan (Niamh Cusack) PC Nick Rowan (Nick Berry) Nick Rowan (Nick Berry) and Kate Rowan (Niamh Cusack) in Heartbeat Nick Rowan and Kate Rowan Nick Berry and Niamh Cussack
Dr. Kate Rowan and Dr. Ferrenby Dr.Ferrenby and Dr.Rowan at the surgery (Glendale House) Dr.Ferrenby and Dr.Rowan
Dr.Ferrenby & Kate Rowan - filmed 1992 Frank Middlemass as Dr. Ferrenby Dr.Ferrenby (Frank Middlemass) - 1992 Kate Rowan doing a TV interview t Glendale House - 1993 Nick & Kate Rowan 1993
Kate Rowan at Dr.Ferrenby's surgery (Glendale House) PC Rowan, a farmer and a couple of sheep PC Nick Rowan at Dr.Ferrenby's surgery Frank Middlemass as Dr.Ferrenby (1992)

Series Two (1993)

Claude Greengrass (Bill Maynard) at the Aidensfield Arms PC Rowan (Nick Berry) and Sgt. Blaketon (Derek Fowlds) in Heartbeat Niamh Cusack as Dr. Rowan Greengrass' pink Cadillac Lord Ashfordly (Rupert Vansittart) and PC Rowan
Nick Berry as PC Rowan in Heartbeat Dr.Kate Rowan (Niamh Cusack) and Gina Ward (Tricia Penrose) in one of her first appearances in Heartbeat 1993 Claude Greengrass (Bill Maynard) Young patient escaping
Kate Rowan and Nick Rowan at the fair in Heartbeat Kate and Nick Rowan
Dr.Kate Rowan (Niamh Cusack) Claude Greengrass (Bill Maynard) and Kate Rowan (Niamh Cusack)

Series Three (1993)

PC Rowan and Claude Greengrass Claude Greengrass (Bill Maynard) Greengrass' farm
Gina and American friend Greengrass and Gina (1993) Kate Rowan and Dr. Ferrenby
Dr. Ferrenby's last fishing trip Dr. Ferrenby as he falls in and drowns Claude Greengrass and George Ward lay wreaths at Dr. Ferrenby's door Nick and Kate Rowan after Dr. Ferrenby's death Gina's Bubble car
RAF Fylingdales "Golf Balls" replaced by the new "Pyramid" in 1992 / 1993 Claude Greengrass Aidensfield


Guest Stars

These are some of the Celebrity guest stars who have appeared in Heartbeat over the years.. There have been a lot of changes in the
main cast, but the programme still continues to get a large audience all over the world, where it is shown on re-run channels.

Jenny Agutter
David Essex
Ronan Keating
John Alderton
Frank Finlay
Jean Alexander (Hilda Ogden)
Tony Booth (Scouse git / Cherie Blair's father)
Gary Barlow (Take That)
David McCallum (Man from Uncle)
Freddie Garrity (Freddie & the Dreamers)
Freddie Jones
Freddie (Parrot Face) Davies)
Dora Bryan
Thora Hird
Roger Lloyd Pack (Trigger)
Alan Price
David Dickinson (Bargain Hunt)
Charlotte Church
Tim Brooke Taylor
George Cole (Minder)
Martin Kemp
Bobby Ball (Comedian)
Dickie Bird (Cricket umpire)
John Culshaw (Dead Ringers)
Heather Peace
Eric Sykes Russ Abbot Trevor Peacock (Vicar of Dibley no -no - no - yes)

Many of the vintage vehicles used in the series can be seen on page 3

(1994 - 1997)

Nianh Cussack, Heartbeat (1994) Niamh Cussack as Kate Rowan in Heartbeat (1994) Claude Greengrass, Heartbeat (1994) Claude Greengrass and George Ward, the landlord of the Aidensfierld Arms (1994) Tony Booth as Howard Franklin (1994)
Dr.Kate Rowan
Kate Rowan
Claude Greengrass
Greengrass and George Ward
Tony Booth
Kate Rowan's funeral (1995) Nick Rowan at Kate's funeral (1995) Kazia Pelka as Maggie Bolton (1995) Nick Rowan, and his mother, Ruby Rowan (Diane Langton) (1995) Nick Rowan and Maggie Bolton (1995)
Nick Rowan at Kate's funeral
Kate's funeral
Nurse Maggie Bolton
Nick Rowan & mother, Ruby
Nick Rowan & Maggie Bolton
Greengrass & landlord George Ward (Stuart Golland) 1995 Boxing Day Hunt (1996) Goathland Hunt, Boxing Day 1996 Frank Finlay in Heartbeat (1996) Nick Rowan and School teacher Jo Weston
Claude Greengrass & George
Boxing day Hunt
Boxing Day Hunt
Frank Finlay
Nick Rowan & Jo Weston
Bill Maynard as Claude Greengrass (1996) Roger Lloyd Pack as Reggie Rawlins in Heartbeat (1996) Bill Maynard as Claude Greengrass in Heartbeat (1996) Aidensfield School in Geartbeat Juliet Gruber as Jo Weston in Heartbeat (1996)
Claude Greengrass
Roger Lloyd Pack
Claude Greengrass
Aidensfield School
Jo Weston
Jenny Agutter (1996) Nick Berry and Jo Weston (1996) Claude Greengrass, lollipop man at Aidensfield school (1996) Nick Rowan and school teacher Jo Weston (1997) Gina (1997)
Jenny Agutter
Nick Berry and Jo Weston
Claude the lollipop man
Nick & Jo
Nick Rowan and Jo Weston's wedding (1997) Kate Rowan's aunty Eileen (1997) Oscar Blaketon and Alf Ventress at Nick and Jo's wedding (1997) Kate Rowan's mum & Nick Rowan's mum, at Nick & Jo's wedding (1997) Nurse Maggie Bolton at Nick & Jo's wedding (1997)
Nick & Jo get married
Aunty Eileen
Oscar Blaketon & Alf Ventress
& Ruby Rowan
Maggie Bolton

(1998 - 2002)

John Alderton in Heartbeat (1998) John Alderton (1998) Jason Durr as Mike Bradley (1998) Philip Franks as Sgt.Raymond Craddock in Heartbeat
John Alderton
John Alderton
PC Mike Bradley
Sgt.Raymond Craddock
PC Bellamy & Sgt.Craddock
David Lonsdale as David Stockwell (1998) Jason Durr as PC Mike Bradley (1998) Aidensfield Post Office (1998) PC Mike Bradley (1998) played by Jason Durr Jason Durr as PC Mike Bradley (1998)
David Stockwell
PC Mike Bradley
Aidensfield Post office
Mike Bradley
Mike Bradley
Jason Durr as Mike Bradley in Heartbeat (1999) Nurse Maggie Bolton, Oscar Blaketon and Lord Ashfordly in Heartbeat (1999) PC Crane (1999) Sarah Tansay as Doctor's receptionist, Jenny Lattimer in Heartbeat (1999) James Carlton as PC Crane in Heartbeat (1999)
Mike Bradley
Maggie, Oscar, Lord Ashfordly
PC Crane
Jenny Lattimer
PC Steve Crane
Claude Greengrass & Oscar Blaketon (1999) Jackie Bradley (Fiona Dolman) and Mike Bradley (1999) Gina & Greengrass (1999) Aidensfield Arms (1999) Gina at Aidensfield Arms (1999)
Claude Greengrass & Oscar
Mr & Mrs PC Bradley
Aidensfield Arms
Gina at Aidensfield Arms
Gary Barlow and Claude Greengrass (2000) Claude Greengrass' Fish & Chip van (2000) Claude Greengrass' fish 'n chip van (2000) Russ Abbot (2000) Russ Abbot in Heartbeat (2000)
Gary Barlow
Greengrass's fish ' n chip van
Greengrass' fish 'n chip van
Russ Abbot
Russ Abbot
David Essex in Heartbeat (2000) David Essex as a traveller in Heartbeat (2000) Phil Bellamy and Gina in Heartbeat (2000) Claude Greengrass in Heartbeat (2000)
David Essex
David Essex
Phil and Gina
Claude Greengrass
Oscar Blaketon and Mike Bradley (2001) Elizabeth Bennett as Joyce Jowett in Heartbeat (2002) Geoffrey Hughes as Vernon Scripps in Heartbeat (2002) Elizabeth Bennett as Joyce Jowett in Heartbeat (2002) Mike Bradley and Liz Merrick (2002)
Oscar and Mike Bradley
Joyce Jowett
Vernon Scripps
Joyce Jowett
Mike Bradley & Liz Merrick
Sgt.Dennis Merton played by Duncan Bell (2002) Lulu in Heartbeat (2002) Vernon Scripps played by Geoffrey Hughes. Dr.Tricia Summerbee played by Clare Calbraith (2002) Jenny Lattimer played by Sarah Tansey, and Bernie Scripps (2002)
Sgt Merton
Vernon Scripps
Dr.Tricia Summerbee
Jenny Lattimer & Bernie

(2003 - 2005)
Jenny Lattimer, David, & Bernie Scripps (2003) Sgt.Merton & Alf Ventress (2003) Bernie Scripps, Vernon Scripps and David Stockwell (2003) PCs Mike Bradley and Phil Bellamy (2003) Sgt.Merton & PC Crane (2003)
Jenny, David & Bernie
Sgt Merton & Alf Ventress
Bernie, Vernon & David
Mike Bradley & Phil Bellamy
Sgt Merton & PC Crane
David Stockwell and Vernon Scripps at Nesfield Cottage (2003) Vernon Scripps, with Glendale House in the background (2003) Sgt.Merton in Heartbeat (2003) PC Steve Crane (James Carlton) in Heartbeat (2003) Dr.Liz Merrick played by Aislin McGuckin
David and Vernon
Vernon Scripps
Sgt. Merton
PC Steve Crane
Dr.Liz Merrick
Aidensfield Stores Pc Steve Crane (James Carlton)  and Vernon Scripps outside the Aidensfield Arms (2003) Claude Greengrass Gina Ward on set - July 2004
Aidensfield Stores
Sgt.Merton & PC Crane
Funeral Directors
Claude Greengrass
Gina on set
Bill Simonsa as Alf Ventress (2004) Gina -14 July 2004 Mark Jordon as Phil Bellamy (2004) Aidensfield Stores
PC Alf Ventress at Glendale
Phil Bellamy
Aidensfield stores Window
Football supporters
Johnathan Kerrigan as PC Rob Walker, in Heartbeat (2004) Dr Helen Trent (Sophie Ward) Dr.Helen Trent at Glendale - filmed 3 Sept 02
Night filming
Vernon's funeral?
PC Rob Walker
Dr. Helen Trent
Dr.Trent at Glendale
Aidensfield School Goathland Primary School)  in Heartbeat (2003)
Bernard, David & Vernon
Aidensfield School
Aidensfield signpost
Scripps Garage
Greengrass's truck
David Stockwell at Glendale House Filmed 7 Feb 02 Alf Ventress and Oscar Blaketon at Glendale House Cast of Heartbeat in the Aidensfield Arms at Christmas
David on hearse
David outside Glendale
Blaketon & Ventress
Blaketon & Ventress
Aidensfield Arms
Rob Walker and David Stockwell (2004) Jeff Younger and Rob Walker (2005) Dr. Helen Trent arriving at her surgery for first time - filmed 14 July 2004 Vanessa Hehir as Rosie in Heartbeat (2005) PC Jeff Younger, off duty (2005)
PC Walker & David
PCs Walker & Younger
Dr.Trent filming
Rosie Cartwright
PC Younger, Off duty
Bernie Scripps off duty - (2005) Gina & Oscar (2005)
Bernie Scripps
PC Younger
Gina and Oscar
PC Younger (Steven Blakeley) filming at Glendale House (2005)
Dr.Trent and Husband
Dr.Trent and PC Walker
Film crew at Glendale
Film crew at Glendale
PC Younger
Derek Fowlds at the Aidensfield Arms, (2005) Gwen Taylor as Peggy Armstrong in Heartbeat (2005)  
Oscar Blaketon
Night time down at the pub
Fake Snowfall

Snowing up the Aidensfield Arms -17 November 2005 David & Santa Oscar - 17 November 2005 Aidensfield Arms - 17 November 2005
Kids queuing for Santa - filmed 17 November 2005 Heartbeat Christmas episode - fimed 17 November 2005
Filming the Heartbeat Christmas episode - 17 November 2005 Sgt. George Miller (John Duttine) Rosie (Vanessa Hehir)
Santa David - 17 November 2005
Heartbeat Christmas episode publicity shot - 17 November 2005 Heartbeat Christmas episode - filmed 17 November 2005



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