Heartbeat Aidensfield - more photos


In 1992, Yorkshire Television started filming the pilot series of a new TV drama, based on Nicholas Rhea's books about a young London policeman in the 1960's, who leaves the rat race, to become a local village bobby on the North Yorkshire Moors. In the books (and the Heartbeat TV series) the village is called Aidensfield, but in real life it is Goathland, a tiny moorland village between Whitby and Pickering. The first series, was only 6 episodes, and was done as a "trial". The programme was such a success, that it quickly became the UK's no 1 drama series, and still attracts TV audiences all over the world. Heartbeat started as a trial in 1992, but went on for another 17 years, until the last episode "Sweet Sorrow" (episode 373) was shown in September 2010. More photographs here!

The cast of Heartbeat, 2010

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Tricia Joe Nikki Gwen Taylor as Paggy Armstrong David Lonsdale as David Stockwell Peter Benson as Bernie Scripps Lisa Kay as Nurse Carol Cassidy Bill Simons as Alf Ventress Steven Blakeley as PC Geofff Younger Derek Fowldes as Oscar Blaketon Rupert Vansitart as Lord Ashfordly John Duttine as Sgt Miller Rupert Ward Lewis as PC Don Wetherby Clare Willey as DC Rachel Dawson