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There are lots of "behind the scenes" photographs taken in the Yorkshire TV studios - on page 6

PC Walker's sisters Rob Walker Greengrass's Truck
Rob Walker Dr. Helen Trent (Mrs Walker) outside her surgery - filmed 18 Feb 2006 Rob Walker & Helen Trent, the wedding - filmed 18 Feb 2006 PC Rob Walker
Rosie Cartwright (Vanessa Hehir) Phil Bellamy & Rob Walker - filmed 27 April 2006 New Police house - filmed 27 April 2006
PC Younger Heartbeat police car
PC Walker, PC Bellamy, Nurse Carol Cassidy ... 27 April 06 Rob Walker & District Nurse Carol Cassidy - filmed 27 April 2006
PC Younger & PC Bellamy - filmed 2 May 2006 Gina in Aidensfield Arms
George Cole in Heartbeat PC Bellamy, PC Walker PC Walker, PC Bellamy PC Rob Walker (Jonathan Kerrigan) and Sgt. George Miller (John Duttine)
Oscar Blaketon -3 May 06 Oscar Blaketon outside Post Office
David & Gina - filming 3 May 06 Car chase filmed 10 May 06 PC Walker filmed 10 May 06 David & Oscar - 3 May 06
Rosie and Bernie - 3 May 06 David  3 May 06 Peggy Armstrong in Aidensfield Arms Oscar and Gina - 3 May 06
Rosie Cartwright (Vanessa Hehir) 23.5.06 Rosie & Bernie 23.5.06 Rosie with Russian Spy? Rosie & Bernie 23.5.06
John Culshaw at Aidensfield Garage David at Rocket Garage District nurse, Carol 23.5.06
Carol Cassidy (Lisa Kay) Rob Walker at Helen's grave Rob Walker (Jonathan Kerrigan) David
Alf Ventress, VE day parade, 26 June 06
Peggy and David in Whitby Oscar & bernie at cricket match Dickie Bird at Aidensfield cricket match Sgt. Miller, PC Bellamy, Alf Ventress
Rosie Cartwright, aidensfield cricket team Rosie Cartwright, Aidensfield cricket team Rosie Cartwright (Vanessa Hehir) Oscar Blaketon (Derek Fowlds)
District nurse Carol Cassidy at VE parade, 26 June 06 Rosie Cartwright (Vanessa Hehir), 26 June 06 Rosie and Peggy, 26 June 06 Gina Ward (Tricia Penrose), 26 June 06
Oscar Blaketon (Derek Fowlds) Sgt Miller and PC Bellamy at VE day parade, 26 June 06 David, Bernie, Rosie and Peggy at VE day, 26 June 06 Oscar Blaketon, VE day parade, 26 June 06
Aidensfield Village fete PC Geoff Younger (Steven Blakeley)

Publicity Shots

These are the publicity shots of the wedding of Dr.Helen Trent and PC Rob Walker, taken for the TV Times. Although the wedding
was filmed in February, these photographs were taken on the 11th May 2006, just before the wedding was screened
in the UK on 4th June in an episode called "Keeping Secrets".

Rob Walker and Helen Trent, wedding publicity shots 11.5.06

Action scenes
A lot of the action scenes and stunts are filmed outside the village, and often out of public view, but
occasionally the odd car crash or special effects scene is shot in the village. These photos
were taken at the village hall during filming for series 16.

Car fire, taken 12th July 06 PC Bellamy, taken 12th July 06

Aidensfield Post Office
Aidensfield Post Office (Goathland Post Office) has been in the Heartbeat since it began in 1992. Oscar Blaketon took over the Post Office
after his retirement as the police sergeant with Ashfordly police.He later went on to run the Aidensfield Arms.

Aidensfield Stores
Aidensfield Stores has also been in Heartbeat since the very beginning. Before filming, the windows are changed to display 1960's products.
Many Heartbeat souvenirs / CDs and the only official DVD, are available here..

Aidensfield Stores window 11 May 2006



Behind the scenes
Every scene you see on TV, involves hours of hard work from Directors, Producers, Cameramen, Technicians and crew, often in freezing
conditions, or in the wind and rain. These are a few photos showing
how it looks behind the scenes, while they are filming Heartbeat.

Gina and Oscar at the Aidensfield Arms
Heartbeat night shooting - filmed  1 Feb 2006 Heartbeat night shooting - 1 Feb 2006
Police sign going up for the first time at the new Police house in Aidensfield - 27 April 2006

Heartbeat Clapperboard. Series 16. Episode 1 - filmed 27 April 2006 Carol, the district nurse, first appearance. Filmed 27 April 06
Rosie & Bernie waiting for scene 23.5.06 3 May 06
Extras Camera man - 10 May 06 Tea break 23.5.06
Cameraman - 3 May 06 6 June 06 Sun screen device, as issued to YTV crew members
6 June 06 6 June 06 Clapper board, filming 6 June 06
Rigging gas pipes into car. Bernie Scripps and the crew
Car ready to be set alight, fire brigade standing by. Car fire, taken 12th July 06


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